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Indoor Exercise Tips

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up your exercise routine. There are plenty of exercises you can do indoors—especially at home. Try these 10 indoor exercise tips to keep your activity level on track when the weather doesn’t cooperate for a run outside.

  1. Jumping Rope: A school days throwback, rope jumping is a great way to get your heart rate up in short order. Burn 200 calories or more in 20 minutes of jumping rope. You can use a weighted rope for a bigger burn.
  2. Jumping Jacks: Those middle school gym teachers knew a thing or two about indoor exercise. Jumping jacks are a great cardio routine you can do during commercials while watching TV. If there are kids in the room, invite them to join in!
  3. Burpees: This indoor exercise delivers great aerobic and strength training for the whole body. Do one minute of 10-20 burpees to burn about 10 calories. Here’s a quick burpee technique reminder video:
  4. Planks: A low impact exercise that offers great toning for your abs, planks are perfect for indoors. Start on your hands and knees. Place your forearms on the floor, elbows under your shoulders so your arms form a 90-degree angle. Step each foot back, resting on your toes. Hold a straight line across your back while looking at the floor in front of you. Do not raise your head, drop your hips or look up.
  5. Plank Walk: Add movement to your plank. Get into the plank position while this time keeping your arms straight and locked, face looking down. Step your left foot and hand to the left, then step back. Step your right foot and hand to the right, then step back. You’ve done one rep.
  6. Lunges: Try lunges in place or use forward lunges to work your way down a hall. Step forward and drop the back knee down nearly to the floor, then bring the back foot forward next to the front foot. Repeat, stepping forward with the alternate foot.
  7. Stair Stepping: Do you love exercises you can do while binging on your favorite shows? Take a step-stool or a couple thick books and set them in front of the TV. Step up and down, using alternating feet. See how long you can keep it going. This routine may not work up a sweat, but it will keep you moving instead of just vegging or (worse), eating in front of the TV!
  8. Knee-Highs: Don’t just stand there watching the microwave heat up your water for tea. March, or run, in place as fast as you can. And keep those knees up! Better yet, do this while binging on Netflix. Who needs to drive to a club—use your “virtual treadmill” at home!
  9. Boogie: Run some dance music through your headphones and get moving. Your teenager might be appalled, but who cares? Maybe she will teach you her superior moves!
  10. YouTube: Take your pick from among the huge range of YouTube exercise videos that you can do indoors. Try yoga, walking, or even High Intensity Interval Training. There’s no limit to the variety to choose from for creative indoor exercise tips.

This winter don’t let an ice storm, blizzard or early sunset sideline your exercise routine. Keep it going at home or walking at the mall. You can even sneak some of these indoor exercise ideas into your day at the office.

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