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ChiroCenter Reviews

Hands holding heartWhat Our Hennepin County Patients Say

At ChiroCenter we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural ChiroCenter care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.

Yours in Health,
Doctors of ChiroCenter

Very Good

Dr. Matt is very good! Will recommend him to friends and family.

~Lynn M.


Dr. Mike was very informative and did a great job at helping me understand exactly what he was doing. Thanks!

~Hether T.

My Health Has Improved Here

Since I started coming to Robbinsdale ChiroCenter on a regular basis my health has improved very much. I’m no longer living with neck and back pain like I used to.

~Randy P.

Improved Lower Back Pain

I am seeing Dr. Elder and my back on the right side is so much better the pain was so bad I could not move my head to the right very far. My vision also has seemed to improve. My lower back pain isn’t at all like it was. Thank you so much.

~Jane D.



Dr. Matt Miller is amazing. He took the time to explain the smallest details and really listened to me as well, also a sense of humor, which is important to me. Just one visit made me feel better. The whole staff made me feel welcome and comfortable. Oh, and the massage gal is amazing and a sweet pea. I will be a life long patient!

~Joann B.

My Journey To Wellness

I feel confident with your management of my journey to wellness!

~Larrie Y.

Feeling Confident!

I feel confident that this is a good chiropractor for me and am grateful!

~Peggy B.

Awesome Customer Service

The staff has awesome customer service, it is a office I will refer to others.

~Jennifer H.

Visits have helped me!

These visits have helped me in the past and I will continue with visits to maintain my current healthy status. My orthopedic MD could only suggest surgery, I said, “no thanks” and went to Chiropractic, I am now relatively pain free! I appreciate the focus on not only the specific issue that I am bothered with but attention to my entire body.

~Connie S.

Neck and Back Pain

Dr. Allenburg was recommended to me after I was in a a car crash, suffering from neck and back pain. An urgent care center doctor had prescribed muscle relaxants but they made me dizzy and nauseated. I needed a better answer! The combination of Dr. Allenburg’s chiropractic expertise and massage therapy have me feeling so amazingly better. Just as important, I’m no longer afraid that I’ll have a stiff, frozen neck the rest of my life. It feels good to move! Thank You!

~Marcia B.

I Believe!

I never believed in chiropractors until my back continued to go out on me a few years in a row. Since I have been coming to Robbinsdale ChiroCenter since 1996 now my back has never gone out. I truly believe that Dr. Martin has taken great care of me and continues to do so. I would recommend Robbinsdale ChiroCenter to anyone!

~Debbie D.

Wonderful job!

Since coming to see Dr. Pete I have lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, and have felt generally better. I refer people to the Uptown location all the time because the staff does such a wonderful job!

~Justin A.

Miracles on me!

I’ve played Rugby for 14 years and did a number on my body. Since seeing Dr. Libby I have had stress reduction, better movement and mobility. I have made lifestyle changes that has given me a positive outlook and wellness focused. I trust Dr. Libby she has worked miracles on me!

~Megan Z.


I was having severe low back pain that kept getting worse and started interfering with my ability to work. Since seeing Dr. Adam my back pain has greatly improved in a matter of weeks! I am able to stand for longer periods of time at work. I would definitely recommend someone to your clinic. Dr. Adam performed nothing short of a miracle on my back! You guys are the best.


Pain Free

Before chiropractic my back would go out and I would miss 1-2 weeks of work. After seeing Dr. Mike I rarely miss a day of work and I am virtually pain free. I have had approximately 8 chiropractors and Dr. Mike is one of the best chiropractors I have seen in the last 24 years. Dr. Mike is GOOD and cares about the patients and their health!

~Dave S.

Full Mobility

I came to Dr. Nate with neck and shoulder pain and now I have limited soreness with full mobility! I like how flexible they are with my appointments!

~L. West

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